WordPress Website Design Trends in 2023

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A website is the digital face of any business. Hence, website design needs to look attractive to any prospective customer through each step of the conversion funnel.

With web development and design technologies touching new heights, there are many new trends in WordPress website design that can help engage your users. So, if you are new to WordPress or want to take it a step ahead, then watch this video for the Top 14 design trends in 2023.

Things explained in the video:
– Why should you update your website design to be the latest
– Top 14 wordpress website design trends in 2023

Four reasons why you should update your website as per the latest design trends:

1) You aren’t getting the results you want: Your WordPress design may look gorgeous, functional, and pixel-perfect. Awesome! But if you still aren’t getting the results you want, it’s time to redesign because trends keep changing.

2) Your site isn’t responsive: The majority of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your site isn’t responsive yet, the chances you’re losing leads and maybe even customers are high. Make sure you have great UI and UX and include the latest features.

3) You want to have better content: Having fantastic content on your site can improve everything from customer retention to SEO. With continuously changing trends, have a content plan and see how you can use the latest trends to make better content.

4) Your website functionality is outdated: If you’ve embedded outdated tools and features, then your site isn’t up to modern functionality standards. Here’s your reminder to update your site design.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:30 Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
00:02:55 Voice Search Integration
00:04:03 Big and Bold Typography
00:05:02 Mobile-first approach
00:05:49 Chatbots
00:06:58 Dark Mode
00:08:00 Minimalist and Multipurpose Theme
00:08:49 Illustration
00:10:15 AR and VR
00:11:12 Video Content
00:12:23 Color gradients
00:13:08 Asymmetry
00:14:29 Hoverable Iconography
00:15:32 Shape Texturing
00:16:27 Conclusion

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