WordPress Plugins & Widgets – What you NEED to Know

In this webinar, HostGator experts will break down everything you need to know about WordPress plugins. And their trusty sidekick – widgets!

What you will learn:
How to choose plugins
Which plugins you need & which ones you don’t
How to make sure they are compatible
What are widgets
How to use widgets to customize your website

How & Why to Back Up your Site:
Why you should Back Up your WordPress Website: http://gtr.bz/7khE30qRjMK
How To Back Up your Site Without Plugins: http://gtr.bz/Sv5330qRjN3
WordPress Backup Plugins: http://gtr.bz/Ww5H30qRjNc

Helpful Links:
Official WordPress Plugin Directory: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/
Popular Plugins Here: http://gtr.bz/AlSs30r2oKm
List of Webinars: http://gtr.bz/JEOH30r2oLf
Difference Between Plugins and Widgets: http://gtr.bz/3YRI30r2oM5
Join our Website Owners Community on Facebook: http://gtr.bz/vYJZ30qIcfg

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