WordPress Developers vs. Page Builders

There’s an old clash between WordPress developers vs. Page Builders, and some developers don’t like #WordPress Page Builders because they don’t need to write code to build layouts 😧

However, when you are thinking about efficiency in the process or having standardized layouts, it is simple to use functions that even non-developers can follow, which are more affordable rather than hiring professional WordPress developers 👍

If a general virtual assistant can copy and paste layouts for you, and then your next developer can fine-tune it, that is when Page Builders play to their strength 🔥

Of course, it’s more fun to code a layout in most cases. And you can take more pride in coding a layout, but from a business perspective, think if it is the right move always to code, whereas to use something that is just a click away 🖱

To know more about this, click here ➡ https://bit.ly/3EnWl7D

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