Why I Stopped Custom Coding For My Clients

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Custom coding asks for a huge time investment, especially when it comes to maintaining the plugins in the long run. Then comes the need to hire WordPress developers to ensure compatibility with other plugins and faster maintainability for future updates.

This is one reason why agencies find it more efficient to use ready-made plugins instead of custom coding the websites from scratch.

With your agency, we know you are always on the run, engaging with different clients on several different projects at a time. Thus, there is an urgent need to learn a better and more efficient way to build websites.

In this video, Jan Koch, CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery, and an active contributor and podcaster on WP Agency Summit and WordPress Community, will unravel the pros and cons of using custom codes and pre-made plugins.

Diving into his experience, Jan will also share how much time he saved in his business by going with ready-made plugin solutions instead of using custom codes.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

Custom code vs. Pre-made Plugins (0:00 – 1:50)
Why You Need a Decision-Making Process (1:50 – 1:53)
Reason #1 Maintainability in the Long Run (1:53 – 3:55)
Reason #2 Compatibility with Other Plugins (3:56-5:32)
Reason #3 Custom Codes Slow Down Your Website (5:33-6:50)
Reason #4 Ready-made Plugins Come with Documentation (6:50- 7:54)
Custom Code – 4 Steps You Need to Take If You Choose It (7:54-8:01)
Step #1 Follow WordPress Coding Best Practices (8:02-8:52)
Step #2 Have a Code Versioning System (8:52-10:04)
Step #3 Use Automated Testing (10:04-11:00)
Step #4 Define the Code Functionality (11:00-12:46)
Conclusion (12:46- 14:44)

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