Why Having A Website Matters

Does my business really need a website? Yes! And we’re here to tell you why – when it comes to a business website vs social media, there really is no contest.

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Here’s why business websites are so important:

1. Influence Customers While You Sleep: When you don’t have a website for your brand you limit your influence to the physical location of your storefront or to just your social media followers. -And what happens when FB or Instagram inevitably go out of style? (Oops they kind of already have) Where does all your hard work go then? Down the drain
2. Access a Global Audience: If you’ve utilized search engine optimization (SEO) best practices when building your site, people who have never even heard of your business will be able to find you via Google.
3. Become A Trusted Expert: Your custom-built website will help you establish yourself as an industry authority. By sharing credible content, helpful videos and, of course, all those five-star reviews, all in one place, you’ll be building a brand that customers trust
4. Make Selling Easier: You can set up an online marketing campaign via GoogleAd words or through social media ads, that captures leads from people who are actively searching for products and services like yours. Directing them towards a credible website makes them 80 percent more likely to buy.
5. Websites are easy to build now. With apps like WP Website Builder at DreamHost, you can create your own website in just a few minutes using pre-build templates, just fill in the blanks with your own details and viola.

For more tips on the benefits of having a website, or to build your own now – visit https://www.dreamhost.com/

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