Why Do I Need a Contact Form?

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Whether you have an e-commerce website or a blogging website, having a contact us form is imperative. It’s a conversation starter between you and your audience. Additionally, it helps you understand user grievances, product reviews, and customer pain points.

Watch this video to know the benefits and uses of having a contact form on your website.

Things explained in the video

-What is a contact form?
-What are the benefits of a contact form?
-What are the uses of a contact form?
-What are the characteristics of a good contact form?

There are many different views on what makes a good contact form. Below we have listed a few unique characteristics of a good contact form.

1) User-friendly: A good contact form is user-friendly. That is, users can quickly and easily complete the form without any confusion.

2) Defined Goals: Generally, good ‘contact me’ forms are goal oriented. The forms have a clear vision and only include necessary fields.

3) Mobile-friendly: Good forms need to be mobile-friendly. That is, the form should be optimized for a smaller screen, and the fields should be easy to tap and enter information.

4) Secured: Good forms are secure and ensure that customer data is not misused. You can encrypt your form with CAPTCHA or reCAPTCHA to prevent attacks from spammers.

4) Clear messaging: A good form must provide a clear error message when users make a mistake or leave required fields blank.

5) Provides confirmation: Every contact form should display a confirmation message once the user has successfully submitted the form. This will give users reassurance that their message has been sent and received.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:23 Why do I need a contact form
00:00:30 What are the benefits of a contact form
00:01:05 – How does a contact form reduce spam
00:01:24 – How can a contact form improve your customer service
00:01:47 – How can a contact form improve your leads
00:02:06 – How can I use a contact form to build my email marketing list
00:02:26 – How can I use a contact form to streamline my sales process
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