Which Top Level Domain(TLD) is right for me?

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If you are remotely involved in anything to do with a website or website management, you must be aware of Top Level Domain (TLD). It’s the last segment of text in a domain name. IT professionals, marketers, and business owners use TLD to identify a website’s purpose. For instance, a ‘.com’ TLD is mostly used by commercial websites, selling goods and services.

Watch this video to know more about what TLD is and how to choose the right TLD for your business.

Things explained in the video
-What is TLD?
-How to choose a TLD?

Here are the different types of TLD you can choose from:
There are several types of TLDs, and we have listed some of the popular ones for you.

1) Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs): These are the most common type of TLDs and are typically used for general purposes. Examples of gTLDs include ‘.com’ (for commercial businesses), ‘.org’ (for non-profit organizations), and ‘.net’ (for network-related websites.

2) Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs): These are two-letter TLDs that represent a specific country. They are commonly used for websites specific to a particular country. Examples of ccTLDs include ‘.us’ (The United States), ‘.au’ (Australia), and ‘.in’ (India).

3) Sponsored Top-Level Domains (sTLDs): These are TLDs that are intended for a specific purpose or industry. Examples of sTLDs include ‘.edu’ (for educational institutions) and ‘.gov’ (for government agencies.

4) New Generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs): These are TLDs that were introduced in recent years to offer more specific and targeted options for domain names. Examples of new gTLDs include ‘.blog’, .’shop’, and ‘.app’.

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00:00:33 What is TLD
00:01:01 How to choose an alternative TLD

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