What is SEO and how does it work?

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Are you a website owner or professional looking for ways to drive increased traffic to your website and improve your online presence? Then SEO is an important approach you cannot afford to miss out on.

This video aims to give you an understanding of what SEO is and how it works.

Things explained in the video:
-What is SEO & why is it important?
-How does SEO works?
-What are keywords and backlinks in SEO?
-Why are these search results called organic results?
-What are on-page and off-page SEO?

Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization (SEO), an important part of digital marketing, refers to optimizing a website to make it rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

When users enter a query, more than 50% look through the first three results or do not go beyond the first page. Therefore, to increase your visibility and get noticed, you need to rank among the first few SERPs results.

If you aren’t present on the first page, your website may be non-existent for many users.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) increases the visibility of a website, which can lead to more traffic and conversions. You can build credibility and trust with your audience, making SEO a pivotal part of a digital marketing strategy.

Search results cover more digital real estate, appear more credible to savvy searchers, and receive more clicks than paid advertisements.

Additionally, SEO is a low-cost channel that helps you attract high-quality visitors to your site, which can increase valuable conversions.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:22 What is SEO And How Does it Work
00:02:01 Why SEO is Important
00:04:00 Organic Search Listing
00:04:22 On-site and off-site SEO
00:05:16 Conclusion

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