What is DNS?

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There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know about an IP address. However, majority of the internet users are unaware of what a DNS is. Almost every internet user knows about an IP address, but few know actually know what a DNS is. You could call it the unsung hero.

Domain Name System or DNS is a crucial component of the modern internet. It translates human-readable domain names (for example, www.bluehost.com) to machine-readable IP addresses.

Things explained in the video
-What is DNS?
-Who manages DNS servers?
-What are the benefits of DNS?

Here’s why DNS is important

1) Human-Readable Naming: DNS makes accessing websites easier for users by using easy-to-remember names like www.bluehost.com instead of long and complicated numerical IP addresses.

2) Resolves IP Addresses: Computers cannot understand English or any human-readable language. Therefore, DNS servers translate domain names into IP addresses, which are numerical identifiers that computers use to locate resources on the internet. When you enter a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) in your web browser or click on a link, DNS resolves the domain name in the URL to the corresponding IP address. Thus, allowing your browser to establish a connection to the website associated with the IP address.

3) Email Delivery: Mail servers use DNS to match an email address to an IP address. This ensures that emails are delivered to the correct mail servers and reach their intended recipients.

4) Internet Security: DNS plays a critical role in Internet security by enabling various security mechanisms, such as Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to prevent cyberattacks. DNS can also be used to filter and block access to malicious websites and content, protecting users against malware, SQL injections, phishing, and other cyber threats.

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00:00:25 What is DNS?
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