What exactly is an IP Address?

What is an IP Address? What do they do? IP Addresses are the foundation of how different parts of the internet communicate with each other.

In this video, Scott breaks down just what exactly an IP address is, the different versions of IP addresses you may encounter, and just how they all work together.

00:00 – Intro
01:12 – IP Defined
01:52 – Types of IP Addresses
02:25 – How an IP Address Works

What is an IP Address?
IP address is short for Internet Protocol address and is a string of numbers that usually looks something like this:

This address is similar to your home address in that it identifies the location of a specific server that’s connected to the internet. Without an IP address in place, your computer can’t communicate with other computers that are linked over a network, like the internet.

Types of IP Addresses:
Currently, there are two different types of IP addresses in existence. The first is IPv4 and the second is IPv6. IPv4 is the older version of IP addresses, while IPv6 is the newer version.

How an IP Address Works:
Every domain will be mapped to a specific IP address. These domains are translated to an IP address via the Domain Name System (DNS). You can think of this system like a giant address book.

The moment a user types in a domain name into their web browser, the ISP performs what’s called a DNS query. This will lookup the nameservers that are associated with the domain, then forward the user on to the requested site. This might seem like a complex process, but it happens in a fraction of a second.

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