Website Security Basics | Security Breaches, SSL Certificate, Malware Protection

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Worried about keeping your website secure? You are not alone!

Security breaches are common and a huge problem. With cyber threats increasing, website security has become a top priority for businesses and individuals alike.
How to protect your website from hackers has become a commonly asked question online. Terms like SSL Certificate and Malware Protection are vigorously searched and discussed.

This video explains 6 basic things to protect your website against security breaches.

Things explained in the video
-Importance of SSL Certificates
-Advantage of CAPTCHA
-Why Malware Protection is crucial
-Importance of Timely Updates
-Securing site data with a Smart Password

Benefits of Website Security

Website security is essential to running a successful online business or any website dealing with sensitive information. Security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and website owners must proactively protect their websites and users.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of website security.

1) Protects your website from security breaches: Cybersecurity threats, such as malware, hacking, and phishing, can compromise your website’s integrity and put your business at risk. Steps like opting for malware protection can protect your website from these threats and keep your users’ data safe.

2) Secures sensitive data: A website can have a lot of sensitive data like credit card numbers, login credentials, and other personal information. Install an SSL certificate to secure such sensitive data.

3) Prevent phishing attacks: SSL certificates also help verify a website owner’s identity, which helps prevent phishing attacks and other types of online fraud.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:35 SSL Certificates
00:01:18 CAPTCHA
00:02:00 Malware Protection
00:02:36 Updates
00:03:55 Choose a smart password

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