Webinar: The Principles of Success with Jetpack and WooCommerce | Part 1

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A lot of businessmen don’t know what it takes to build and maintain a successful online business. The common assumption is that you need a lot of luck and expertise. But, in reality, you need a strong understanding of website development and maintenance, how to reach your target audience, and how to sell your products to your users. Simply put, you must be aware of the principles of online success.

Want to know how to build an online business? Watch the first part of our video on critical principles of success. Here, we discuss how to create a successful website.

Things explained in the video:
-How to build an online business?
-How to identify your potential audience?
-How to determine your problem statement?
-How to create a good product?
-How to choose an operating system
-How to get your products to the customer?
-How to optimize your products or services for happy customers?

Here are some reasons for building an online business:

An online business can open doors to limitless opportunities. Additionally, it allows you to reach audiences across the globe by leveraging the internet. Here are some of the reasons why you should build an online business.

1) Low Startup Costs: Starting an online business often requires a lower initial investment compared to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. With affordable website creation apps and free online tools, it’s possible to launch an online business for a minimal cost.

2) Scalability and Reach: Online businesses allow you to reach a global audience and grow your customer base without any physical barriers. With the internet, you can gain access to a vast market and sell your product or service across the globe.

3) Flexibility and Freedom: Running an online business gives you the freedom to set your own rules and regulations. You don’t have to worry about algorithm changes like you do when selling products on social media.

4) Low Overhead Costs: Online businesses often have lower overhead costs compared to traditional businesses. There is no need for physical pace, expensive inventory, or extensive staffing. This cost advantage can contribute to higher profit margins.

5) Increased Customer Engagement: Building an online presence allows you to engage with customers through various digital channels. You can interact with your audience through social media, email marketing, live chat, and personalized content, fostering stronger customer relationships and loyalty.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:55 Our Focus
00:02:43 Principles of success
00:03:46 Step 1: Choosing an audience
00:04:40 Why does it matter
00:05:51 Two approaches & Key takeaway
00:07:24 Step 2: Find a problem to solve
00:08:16 Common problems
00:08:40 Choosing problems & Key takeaway
00:11:00 Step 3: Sell it before you make it
00:11:42 Why sell, Guidance & Key takeaway
00:16:04 Step 4: Create the product
00:16:36 Inspiration, Guidance
00:19:08 Step 5: Choose an operating system
00:19:34 What is an OS?
00:20:30 Factors to consider
00:21:45 Guidance & Key Takeaway
00:24:27 Step 6: Get your product to your customer
00:25:30 Three Elements
00:28:18 Guiding principles & Key takeaway
00:30:28 Step7: Create happy customers
00:31:09 Benefits, Guiding Principles & Key takeaway
00:38:55 Questions & Answers

Additional Resources and Tutorials

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