Webinar: Getting started with Website Analytics

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Getting your website online is not the end of it. This is where the real journey begins.
Website analytics helps you enhance your website performance for a smooth and profitable voyage. That’s why it is essential to understand what website analytics and analytical tools are. It will help you get closer to understanding user experience and make adjustments.

Check out this video for setting up analytics and learn how to use it.

Things explained in the video:
-What is website analytics
-Importance of website analytics
-How do analytics work
-Setting up analytics
-Understanding user experience
-User journey from user to customer

Why should you know what is website analytics?

Knowing website analytics is important for several reasons:

1) Data-driven decision-making: Website analytics provides valuable insights into user behavior, website performance, and marketing efforts. You can make informed decisions based on data rather than assumptions or guesswork by how analytics works. This helps you optimize your website, marketing campaigns, and overall online strategy.

2) Understanding user behavior: Website analytics tools provide information about how users interact with your website. You can track page views, bounce rates, session duration, and conversion rates to know what attracts users to your site, how they navigate it, and what actions they take. Understanding user experience can help you make improvements to enhance user experience and drive conversions.

3) Measuring marketing effectiveness: It allows you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. You can monitor referral sources, click-through rates, and conversion attribution. This helps you identify which marketing channels and tactics generate the most traffic and conversions, enabling you to allocate your resources effectively and optimize your marketing efforts.

4) Identifying website issues: Website analytics can help you uncover technical issues or bottlenecks on your website. You can pinpoint areas that need improvement by analyzing metrics like page load times, error rates, and exit pages. Addressing these issues can enhance your website’s overall performance and user experience.

5) Setting and tracking goals: Setting up analytics enables you to set specific goals for your website, such as increasing conversions or improving engagement. You can create custom metrics and track progress towards these goals over time. This helps you stay focused, measure your success, and adjust your strategies if necessary.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:17 What we’ll be covering
00:04:06 Chapter 1: Why does website analytics matter?
00:09:56 Chapter 2: How does analytics work?
00:11:33 Chapter 3: Which analytic tools should be used?
00:12:10 Setting up analytics
00:17:53 Chapter 4: Quick Tour
00:18:38 How do users get to my website?
00:22:45 User behavior when they arrive at a website
00:27:11 How do users go from visitor to customer?
00:30:05 Chapter 5: Leveraging analytics for site improvement
00:37:31 Audience: Understand your technology
00:40:17 Chapter 6: Understanding UTM parameters
00:40:56 What are UTMs?
00:41:30 Why UTMs?
00:42:28 Understanding UTMs
00:50:21 Questions and Answers

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