Web Analytics for Beginners | Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate and more

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Web analytics is the backbone of a successful online business. But it can be intimidating at first. Concepts like conversion rate, total traffic or bounce rate can look complex, but you will get used to them in time. All you need is some patience and us. We will guide you to champion web traffic analysis.

This video will help you take the initial step towards web analytics.

Things explained in the video
-An introduction to web analytics
-Understanding total traffic
-What is source of traffic in web traffic analysis?
-Why bounce rate is essential
-How knowing the conversion rate helps

Why web analytics is important

Overall, web analytics is a powerful tool for understanding your website’s performance, improving the user experience, building a website or social media content strategy and driving business decisions.
Without web analytics, it’s difficult to know how your website is performing and how to make data-driven decisions to optimize it.

Here’s why web traffic analysis is important.

1)Measuring website performance: Web analytics helps you understand how your website is performing by providing data on user behaviour, source of traffic, and engagement metrics like bounce rate and conversion rate. By analysing this data, you can identify areas of your website that need improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimise your site.

2) Improving user experience: By tracking user behaviour on your website, you can identify areas where users are struggling or experiencing frustration. This information can help you make improvements to your site’s navigation, content, and design to enhance the user experience and keep visitors engaged.

3) Driving business decisions: Web analytics can provide valuable insights into your audience and their interests, which can impact your marketing and business strategies. You can make informed decisions about product offerings, content creation, and marketing campaigns through website traffic analysis.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:26 Traffic
00:01:51 Source of Traffic
00:02:24 Bounce Rate
00:03:15 Conversion Rate

Additional Resources and Tutorials

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