Use Fast & Responsive Websites to Win Projects

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All agencies want to have and deliver fast and responsive websites. But why?

An unresponsive website will reduce visitor satisfaction by over 16% and one in four visitors will drop off the website if it doesn’t load fast enough.

So, what are the elements that lay the foundation of a responsive website? The responsiveness of your website depends on how fast the website responds to user input, how smooth the scrolling is, and how seamlessly your website animations work across all devices..

Let’s dive into how website responsiveness alone can make or break the user experience.

In this video, Jan Koch, CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery, unravels the secrets of how to use the term website responsiveness to win projects and how to build faster websites to transform your agency into an industry leader.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. What is website responsiveness? (00:00-3:18)
2. How do you win projects? (3:18-6:56)
a. Tell the client your website responds in a snap (3:30-4:18)
b. A slow website brings down the entire SEO ranking (4:18-5:50)
c. A slow website will hurt your brand (5:50-6:56)
3. How do you build a fast website? (6:56-11:49)
a. Geographical proximity to the target audience (6:56-7:46)
b. Ability to scale your server (7:46-8:40)
c. Make sure all custom codes are performance oriented (8:40-9:24)
d. Do not add bloatware to the website (9:24-10:04)
e. Have a web host with a scalable pricing model (10:04-11:49)

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