Top 5 Web Hosting Questions – HostGator

What do you need to know about Hosting with HostGator? Have you been wondering what the best web hosting for beginners is? Maybe you have been asking how much does web-hosting cost. We’ve got you covered. In this week’s episode of Hosted, Scott brings in some of the HostGator Web Pros to help answer these questions, plus more!

Tune in for some sweet hosting facts, banter, and some hard truths about Scott’s inability to save money.

In this episode of Hosted, we cover:
What type of web hosting is right for a beginner?
How much does web hosting cost with HostGator?
Can I still build a website if I can’t code?
What do I do if my domain name is registered with a different company?
What are these add-ons? Do I need them?

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