Too Many Page Builders To Chose From?

There are so many #WordPress Page Builders on the market and picking the right one always seems to be a challenging task 😩

The thing is, there are some criteria you can check to pick a good Page Builder 👨‍🏫

👉 Compare the loading speed linked in the article below this video to get an excellent first impression.
👉 Look at the prebuilt template libraries and the widgets that come with a page builder so that you have the most flexibility possible.
👉 How easy is it to add custom code to it?
👉 Look at the compatibility. What plugins and themes do you commonly use in your projects? How does the page builder play together with those?
👉 How is the support?

And if you have those five things nailed, you have a pretty good page builder that should last you for a couple of projects and a couple of years ➡

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