Tap Into the Power of Page Builder Communities

The best thing about these page builders is their community support. What you can do is join their Facebook groups, so that you get not just a support from the page builder creator, from the vendors, and the development teams behind the page builder, you get to get in touch with their community, with other users, you get to ask how other users handle certain things.

When you’re just coding a template, it’s very
difficult to get that specific type of support, because you would have to rely on Stack Overflow where
everybody’s using different approaches, different methods, whereas with a page builder community, you
can talk to people who use the exact same toolkit, and they wanna usually build very similar things to
what you are working on.

Community support is a great way to get relevant answers. Check out the article that I’ve linked below this video, so that
you can see which of the nine most popular page builders loads the fastest.

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