Six Best Alternatives to Adobe for Web Designers

Photoshop ➡️ Affinity Photo –

Illustrator ➡️ Affinity Designer –

InDesign ➡️ Affinity Publisher –

Auditon ➡️ Audacity –

Premiere ➡️ Kdenlive –

XD ➡️ Pencil –

Adobe offers a wide range of creative tools and is deemed number one in the industry. But not everyone can afford it, and it also has a learning curve.

This means that as an agency owner, you have to bear the cost of monthly subscriptions and invest in team members’ onboarding.

So, why would you go for expensive and difficult tools when there are cheap and easy alternatives to keep your business going?

Yes, we’ve found the Best Six Adobe Alternatives that offer the same functionality at an affordable price. And some of them are even available for free.

Sounds amazing?

Watch Lee Mathew Jackson as he reveals six easy-to-use and effective Adobe replacement tools that will help save you hefty amounts!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction 0:00 – 0:49
2. Problems I faced using Adobe Creative Suite 0:50 – 1:40
3. Alternatives to Adobe Products 1:41 – 6:57
4. Summary 6:58 – 7:50

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