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For all of you eCommerce entrepreneurs out there, this one is for you. SEO for any website can be a daunting task, and that goes double when you are talking about selling online.

In this episode of Hosted, Scott takes you through the wild world of SEO for your eCommerce site and shares some of the best tips to get your products seen by people looking to purchase them.

In this video you will learn:

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Allow Reviews on Product Pages
01:00 – Optimize for Featured Snippets
01:42 – Create Content Around Specific Products
02:27 – Create Comparison Content
03:31 – Use Schema Markup
05:15 – Wrap-Up

1. Allow reviews on product pages.
Reviews are valuable on a few different levels. They provide social proof that helps increase purchases. They add legitimacy to your brand and products. And they help with SEO.

2. Optimize for featured snippets.
Google changes the layout of the SERP(Search Engine Results Pages) based on the perceived search intent of the keyword. Featured snippets appear on 12% of all searches, which while not high, can still be a huge boost if your site is chosen for a snippet.

3. Create content around specific products.
While a good content marketing rule of thumb is to make your content more focused on helping than selling, eCommerce brands can sometimes skillfully combine the two by creating content that features products you sell.

4. Create comparison content.
Some brands shy away from ever mentioning a competitor. You may worry doing so will drive more attention to a brand that’s vying for your customers. But a lot of customers spend time in the research phase before choosing a product. And often part of their research is trying to figure out how two similar products compare.

5. Use schema markup.
Schema markup gives you a way to provide Google more information about what’s on a page. And it helps Google display more relevant details about the page on the SERP, making it more likely that people searching will click through.

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