SafeUpdates for WordPress on Cloudways | How to Securely Update Your Websites In No Time!

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As an agency, the number of websites operating under you proves the client’s trust in your agency. However, their regular management can be intimidating! 🤯

Do you want to effectively manage your client websites???

Here’s the good news! 🥁

SafeUpdates gives you a hassle-free alternative to the manual management of websites. It will regularly update your website and inform the agency in case of any update failure so the problem can be fixed before it reaches the clients.

Lee Mathew Jackson, in this video, introduces SafeUpdates as a solution to the time-taking, resource-intensive, manual management of client websites. He further explains how SafeUpdates has led him to have satisfied clients.

Watch this video to learn more about SafeUpdates on Cloudways!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. SafeUpdates as a solution to mismanaged client websites (0:26 – 1:10)
2. SafeUpdates as a game-changer for our agency and clients (1:11 – 3:58)
3. Maintenance Plan (3:59 – 4:19)
4. Demonstration of SafeUpdates activation and usage (4:25 – 7:00)
5. More useful features of SafeUpdates (7:01 – 8:05)
6. Benefits of activating automatic update (8:06 – 9:20)

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