Quick Guide on How to Install Symfony 4 on a Cloud Server

This tutorial shows you how to install Symfony 4 application on a Cloud server using Cloudways. Cloudways gives you the ease to deploy Symfony based apps on Linode cloud servers and allows you to quickly install them within just few minutes.

Learn How to Install Symfony 4 on a Cloud server: https://www.cloudways.com/blog/install-symfony-4-on-cloud/

Well known by its name, Symfony is one of the most used PHP framework in the market which provides rapid application development and diverse functional features. The framework has gained tremendous repute among the developers community, because of its ease in process and vast development features.

Symfony 4 is the latest version of the framework and it has many upgraded features integrated, which makes it a perfect choice for advanced application development.

The installation process of a Symfony application on Cloudways is quite straightforward and simple. Just signup for an account on Cloudways and add the required app, server details to launch your server. In few minutes your server would be ready and then you would be required to install Symfony 4 using Composer.

Cloudways provides best in-built features to use within Symfony apps that makes your streamlined developmental jobs easier. Further the advanced functionalities of the managed cloud hosting platform makes performance of the apps optimized and faster.

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