Panel Discussion on Designing the Tools to Build the Future

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At #WPCreatorCon, our illuminating panel discussion featured some of the brightest minds in the industry!

We had the privilege of hosting three distinguished panelists: Tracy Apps, the innovative Owner and Creative Problem Solver at tracy apps design, LLC; Richard Tabor, the visionary Founder of; and Anthony Ferrara, the exceptionally talented Principal Designer at Oxy.
Together, they delved into the fascinating realm of design tools that are reshaping the future of branding, while also exploring how technology is becoming an indispensable element of modern web design.

Get ready to be inspired as we unravel the secrets to elevating your brand’s online presence and staying ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Things explained in the video-

-What to practice before meeting the client?
-Guide to site editing
-What are the design tools?
-How to design for the audience?
-How to address technology failure?
-Does AI (Artificial Intelligence) affect the design process?

Design tools offer several significant benefits to businesses:

1) Enhanced Visual Appeal: Design tools enable businesses to create visually appealing and professional graphics, logos, and marketing materials. Aesthetically pleasing visuals attract and engage customers, leaving a positive and lasting impression.

2) Improved User Experience (UX): Design tools are essential in creating user-friendly interfaces for websites and applications. A well-designed UX leads to better navigation, easier interactions, and overall customer satisfaction, resulting in higher retention rates and increased customer loyalty.

3) Data Visualization: Effective data visualization is crucial for presenting complex information in a clear and understandable manner. Design tools help in creating infographics and charts that make data-driven insights more accessible to stakeholders.

4) Strong Online Presence: In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is vital. Design tools aid in creating engaging website layouts, social media graphics, and digital content that attract visitors and followers.

5) Print Material Design: For businesses that utilize print marketing materials, design tools enable the creation of eye-catching brochures, flyers, posters, and business cards, which can leave a lasting impact on potential customers.

6) Competitive Advantage: Businesses that invest in high-quality design often gain a competitive edge. An attractive and well-designed brand image can make a business more memorable and appealing compared to competitors with lackluster visuals.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:07 Tracy Apps – Introduction
00:01:57 Rich Tabor – Introduction
00:02:24 Anthony Ferrara – Introduction
00:03:20 Steps to be taken before meeting the client
00:07:26 Full site editing explained
00:09:59 Design Tools
00:12:47 Past, present & future of WordPress
00:16:41 WordPress improvement process
00:19:58 How to design for your audience
00:24:40 Technologies downfall & how it is addressed
00:30:19 Ethical & inclusive design practices
00:34:50 How does AI affect the design process
00:42:46 Recommendation to be prepared for the future state of websites

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