Not Enough Time to Market Your Agency?

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Are you struggling to find enough time for marketing your agency? Perhaps you are overworked, working long hours on the weekends, or investing your time and budget on the wrong projects. But, how can you improve workload and create time for marketing and sales to get qualified leads?

In this video, Lee Jackson, Chief Architect at Event Engine, unravels the secrets of improving workload, getting better clients, and creating time for strategic marketing that yields results! Diving into his experience, Lee breaks down the 4 key areas that changed everything for his agency and pushed it towards growth!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Lee’s agency struggle with finding time for marketing: (0:00-1:45)
2. 4 key areas that changed everything for Lee and his agency:
a. Dealing only with your ideal client avatar (1:45- 2:36)
b. Only bid on projects that match your strengths (2:36 – 3:26)
c. Price on value (3:26-4:43)
d. Drop all unprofitable projects (4:43-6:51)

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