No Life Outside of Your Agency Work?

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Do you ever feel like you have no life outside of your agency work? It could look like having to take calls on holidays or replying to texts on a date or maybe having too many emails in your inbox to reply.

Now, wouldn’t you want to turn off your phone during your holiday, avoid work-related emails and texts, and truly enjoy a healthy work-life balance?

In this video, Lee Jackson, Chief Architect at Event Engine, unravels the secrets of having a positive agency culture, work-life balance, and a team of leaders who are free to work on projects they are passionate about with time for recreation and family life.

Diving into his experience, Lee mentions the one often missing element to achieve all of the above: the onboarding process. He breaks it down into 5 essential components that make it a success.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

What does no life outside of your agency look like? (0:00 – 2:08)
What should your agency work-life look like? (2:08 – 3:00)
How do you improve your onboarding process to achieve a positive agency culture? (3:00-
Introduction and responsibilities (3:23-3:38)
Define your scope and outcomes (3:38-3:59)
Train clients on process and systems (3:59-4:12)
Ensure everybody understands the rules of engagement (4:12-4:35)
Consistent reminders from the project manager (4:35-6:17)

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