New Years Resolutions That Work For Small Businesses

The best small business resolutions for 2022.

Bring out the noisemakers (and a lot of beverages) — it’s a new year and it’s fresh with opportunity!
So let’s start it off with a bang by introducing the best small business resolutions

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#1 you need an online presence. Even if you have endless tasks on your small business to-do list, prioritizing the presence of your own web content is critical. Web users need to be able to find and connect with you virtually and be impressed once they’ve located your brand. The most obvious way to do this, is to have a website. If you want some autonomy, but still need a little hand-holding, you can get a WordPress site up and running super fast by using the link above.

Prefer to leave it to the experts? DreamHost makes it easy to get a custom-designed website built by a professional team directly assigned to you at a fraction of the cost you’d expect. Just connect at get started.

Already got a fabulous website up and running? Well then resolution #2 is to Research Web Design Trends

Did you know? Design on the web goes through phases and fads, too. Keep tabs on what’s in style (minimalism and asymmetry, anyone?) and what is sooo 2022 to keep your site relevant.

Do your research to stay in the know; then consult your design checklist, also listed in the description box below, to build a beautiful — and en vogue — website. Shiplap not required.

Then Consider adding an active blog for resolution #3

This is STILL a powerful means of engaging with your audience because it provides value to consumers through sharing your own expertise. This not only builds the credibility of your brand, but it also grows your business by ranking your website higher in product searches on sites like Google or Bing. Creating backlinks and organic SEO tags.

AND To make your search engine ranking approach even easier, feel free to use DreamHost’s SEO Toolkit plugin when you sign up for a website hosting plan.

Now that you’ve got an up to date website, filled with relevant content – don’t forget Resolution #4 – mobile matters.

Make sure your site is cell phone friendly, easy to navigate, read and make purchases without bugs or frustrating pop-ups that completely cover the screen. Google will not be friendly in its rankings to sites that aren’t optimized for mobile, which harms your SEO, and therefore, your traffic-building efforts. Yeah, you don’t want that. Make sure you honor new years resolutions for my website, to see the new traffic pour in!

Start thinking mobile by taking a responsiveness test drive, redesigning your site pop-ups, enabling accelerated mobile pages plugins, and maybe even making an app — if that works for your business.

And finally, the most important resolution that applies to every other task we’ve mentioned. FIND YOUR TARGET Audience.

Instead of broadly and ineffectively casting a wide net, take the time to define your target audiences so that your marketing and other efforts are focused enough to have a real, meaningful effect on your business.

Determining exactly who your target markets are — starting with the who, when, how, and why — gives your business the benefit of being able to appeal to those most likely to engage with you.
Your business can’t be everything for everyone, so don’t try.

Do the research, identify your niche, and run your business with its target audiences in mind. This focus will give purpose and meaning to every business decision you make — from the design of your site to the kind of content you produce to the way you market that content — and yourself.

Then, once you’ve zeroed in on your target audiences, ask them to do something with your absolute best calls to action and begin to reel in those new online customers NOW.

For more helpful tips, including more resolutions to re-launch your brand in the new year, check out -We’ll be waiting for you! and for more helpful nye resolutions for businesses that work go to This article includes the most important small business resolutions that we recommend, and more!

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