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Website migration from one host to another is a super exhausting and daunting task. You experience timeouts, database errors, and have to hunt random bugs which waste time as well as money for your agency!

Using the Cloudways Migrator Plugin, you can now migrate your websites to Cloudways fast and easy!

In this video, Jan Koch shares his experience of moving more than 300 websites with the Cloudways Migrator Plugin, without any complexities. Jan gives a complete walkthrough of the migration process starting from launching a new server and application on the Cloudways Platform to the migration complete screen.

Follow this step-by-step process to migrate your WordPress websites to Cloudways and focus on the business side of things and forget about your hosting hassles!

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

The pain of website migration (00:00-2:46)
What happens after website migration? (2:46-3:00)
How Cloudways Migrator Plugin can help? (3:00-3:37)
Real website migration to Cloudways with testing (3:37-13:05)

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