Local Networking to Generate Worldwide Clients

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Ever heard of a local network helping digital agencies generate clients from across the globe?

It’s happening.

The myths that say local businesses aren’t well connected, lack digital experience, and aren’t worth pursuing, are being rejected!

Watch Lee Matthew Jackson as he shatters all the fallacies around local networking.

Make thousands of pounds like Lee via local networking, and discover his 5 magical tips to hook international clients via local connections.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

Introduction 0:00-0:36
Bad Rap Around Local Networking 0:37-1:04
Ground Reality of Local Businesses and Networking With Them 1:05-1:33
5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Local Networking 1:34-3:29
Giving It Time to Get Results 3:30-3:53
Recap 3:54-5:19

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