In Discussion With Milan Ivanovic at WordCamp Europe 2022

The Cloudways team had a wonderful time at WordCamp Europe 2022. In the midst of the WordPress hustle, we got a chance to sit with Milan Ivanovic to talk about his WordPress career:

πŸ‘‰ his experience in organizing WordCamps around the world
πŸ‘‰ the WordPress community in Serbia
πŸ‘‰ and his tips for young WordPress professionals who are looking to make a career in marketing, event management and web development.

Milan also revealed where and when his love for WordPress began and what has kept him so motivated throughout his career to continue to work with WordPress.

We discussed how important community is for the survival of WordPress and if there are any threats to the CMS with the emergence of other website builders.

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πŸ“– What You’ll Learn:

πŸ‘‰ Introduction 0:22 – 1:10
πŸ‘‰ First interaction with WordPress 1:13 – 2:07
πŸ‘‰ WordPress powers over 40% of the web 2:13 – 3:28
πŸ‘‰ WordPress Community in Serbia 3:31 – 4:40
πŸ‘‰ Importance of WordPress community 4:43 – 5:52
πŸ‘‰ Community’s contribution in personal growth 5:54 – 7:35
πŸ‘‰ Experience of organizing WordCamp Europe 2019 7:37 – 9:00
πŸ‘‰ Tips for young WordPress professionals 9:03 – 10:15
πŸ‘‰ Social handles 10:17 -10:58

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