How to use YITH Shippo Shipments (Part 2) I Shipping Settings – Sender Info and Shipping Rates

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In this video, we will guide you through the process of adding sender info and contact details for your shipments. Additionally, you’ll discover how to validate weights and dimensions for your products, ensuring accurate shipping calculations. Excitingly, we’ll also demonstrate how to set different shipping costs for different countries.

Join us now to enhance your shipping strategy and take control of your shipments!

Things explained in the video:
-How to add the sender’s info
-How to set up shipping rates

Watch Shippo Part 3 here:

Adding the sender’s shipping address and setting shipping costs are crucial steps in the shipping process for the following reasons:

1) Accurate Delivery: Including the sender’s info ensures that the package is sent from the correct origin point. This helps in accurately determining transit times and ensuring timely delivery to the intended destination.

2) Return Management: In case a shipment needs to be returned or redirected, the sender’s address plays a vital role in facilitating the process and avoiding any unnecessary delays or confusion.

3) International Shipping: Customs authorities require accurate sender info for proper documentation and clearance. Including this information ensures a smooth customs process, reducing the risk of delays or customs-related issues.

4) Shipping Rates: By setting specific rates for different destinations, you can provide accurate shipping costs to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and preventing any unexpected costs.

5) Cost Control: By setting shipping costs based on factors like weight, dimensions, or destination, you can ensure that costs are properly calculated and aligned with your business requirements. This helps you maintain profitability and make informed decisions regarding your shipping strategy.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:08 Set default sender address
00:00:31 Shipping Rates
00:02:08 Add another sender

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