How to use YITH Appointment Bookings (Part 2) I Configuration Rules

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In today’s digital era, manual appointment booking methods are becoming obsolete. That’s why, businesses are adopting automated booking systems. If your business relies on appointments, having a reliable online booking system is crucial for customer retention and increased revenue.

The YITH Booking and Appointment plugin is a popular WooCommerce extension allowing seamless bookings on your website. Watch our video to easily configure the plugin into your online store for optimal results.

Things explained in the video:
-How to configure the YITH appointment and booking plugin for better results
-Different components of the YITH dashboard and how to use it
-How to create ‘availability’, ‘price’, ‘people’, and ‘resources’ rules in your website using YITH plugin

Watch Appointment Bookings Part 3 here:

Here are a few types of websites that can use this YITH plugin:
The YITH Booking and Appointment plugin for WooCommerce can be used by different types of websites, such as:

1) Hotels and accommodation providers: YITH plugin enables hotels and accommodation providers to offer online room booking services. This way customers can easily book rooms or other services at the hotel.

2) Service-based businesses: Businesses offering services such as beauty salons, barbershops, cooking classes, and personal training can use this plugin for appointments.

3) Event ticketing: Websites that sell tickets for concerts, theater shows, sporting events, or any other ticketed event can benefit from the YITH Booking And Appointment plugin.

4) Rental services: The plugin can handle bookings for rental services like car rentals, equipment rentals, and other types of rental businesses.

5) Medical and healthcare facilities: Clinics, hospitals, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers can use the plugin to manage appointments and bookings.

6) Activity and experience bookings: Businesses offering activities, tours, experiences, or lessons, such as cooking classes, guided tours, adventure activities, and more, can integrate the YITH plugin for managing bookings.

7) Online consultations and appointments: Professionals offering services like legal consulting, business consulting, therapy sessions, and other types of virtual appointments can utilize the plugin to enable online booking.

8) Resource bookings: Websites that offer specific resources, such as meeting rooms, equipment, or facilities, can utilize the YITH plugin to manage resource availability and reservations.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:07 Configuration tab
00:00:34 Configuration – Availability Rules
00:02:22 Configuration – Price Rules
00:04:06 Configuration – People tab
00:04:44 Configuration – Resources tab
00:06:25 Tools tab to debug

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