How to use YITH Appointment Bookings (Part 1) I Dashboard and Global Settings

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If your business revolves around booking appointments, you require a dependable tool to efficiently handle this aspect on a daily basis. While WooCommerce provides an excellent platform for your online store, it lacks built-in functionalities for managing bookings or appointments. To address this, you can rely on the YITH Booking and Appointment plugin.

This powerful tool enables you to implement a seamless booking and appointment system and manage them efficiently. In this video, we will teach you how to integrate and use YITH Booking and Appointment plugin into your ecommerce store.

Things explained in the video:
-Step-by-step guide on how to use YITH Appointment and Booking plugin
-Important components of the YITH plugin dashboard and a basic understanding of how to navigate the plugin backend
-How to customize the plugin according to your needs

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Here are the benefits of using the YITH Booking and Appointment plugin:

1) The YITH Booking and Appointment plugin offer several benefits for your ecommerce store. Here, are the key benefits of the plugin.

2) Streamlined Appointment Management: With the YITH Booking and Appointment plugin, you can efficiently manage all types of bookable products and services. Moreover, this plugin provides a comprehensive solution for handling different booking scenarios.

3) Flexible Pricing and Availability: The plugin allows you to set up pricing rules and availability based on specific dates, time slots, or durations. This flexibility ensures that you can customize your booking system according to your business needs.

5) Automated Notifications: You can keep track of new and upcoming bookings with the automated email system provided by the plugin. This feature helps you stay updated and maintain efficient communication with your customers.

6) Integration with WooCommerce: The YITH plugin seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce store, adopting its features and functionality. This integration ensures a smooth and cohesive user experience.

7) Increased Sales Opportunities: By offering an appointment and booking feature, you can attract customers who prefer to plan ahead or require specific time slots for their purchases. This functionality can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:08 Activate the YITH plugin
00:00:24 Booking & Appointment menu
00:00:32 Dashboard – All bookings tab
00:01:07 Calendar layout
00:02:09 Settings tab
00:02:17 Settings – Booking forms tab
00:03:42 Settings – Calendar tab
00:04:27 Settings – Customizations tab

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