How to use the WordPress Block Editor to Build a Website

🌐 Welcome to Your WordPress Journey!

Join us in this video on WordPress Block Editor as we guide you through the admin dashboard. This tutorial is ideal for beginners, explaining the main features of WordPress and how you can effectively manage your website. Do check out our WordPress-optimized hosting plans to get started:

🔍 What You’ll Learn:

Getting to Know the WordPress Dashboard: Understand the layout and essential settings.
Block Editor Skills: Discover how to use this versatile tool for creating and editing content.
Customizing Your Site: Learn how to personalize your site to fit your style or business needs.
Handling Media: Efficient ways to manage images, videos, and other media.
Exploring Plugins: Learn how to enhance your site with plugins for added functionality.

This video is your gateway to becoming more confident in using WordPress. By the end, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to navigate WordPress with ease.

🌟 Enhance your WordPress skills and elevate your website. Press play and let’s start exploring the world of WordPress together!

Things explained in the video:

-Why use WordPress?
-Navigating the WP-admin dashboard
-Themes and plugins
-Page and post creation
-Understanding the block editor
-Block setting and customizations

How to use the WordPress Block Editor to build a website?

To build a website using the WordPress Block Editor, start by accessing your WordPress Dashboard and select ‘Posts’ or ‘Pages’ to create new content. The Block Editor operates with a variety of blocks (like text, images, videos) that you can add and arrange through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Customize your layout with different block types, embedding media, and adjusting styles directly in the editor.

As you design, use the preview function to see your work in real time and publish when you’re satisfied. Enhance functionality with plugins as needed. This user-friendly tool simplifies website creation, allowing for both basic and sophisticated layouts, tailored to your content needs.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:38 Why use WordPress?
00:05:53 What is WordPress Admin dashboard
00:08:10 Key things to consider when starting
00:09:57 Understanding WordPress themes
00:12:42 What are plugins?
00:15:05 Page and post creation
00:27:33 Customizer vs Site Editor
00:29:50 Q&A

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