How To Stay Focused While Working From Home: 5 Tips For Success

Working from home. Telecommuting. Remoting in. Whatever you call it, powering up the laptop to tackle tasks from your couch, dining table, or home office is becoming the new normal.

While it sounds like a homebody’s dream — stand-up meetings in sweatpants, anyone? — it’s not always easy to set your own schedule. Whether you’re self-employed and launching a small business website or a former office worker who’s transitioning to at-home work — you’ll want to avoid getting sucked into doing a load of laundry, taking the dog out for a long walk, or falling into a Netflix void.

When there’s no one looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to get off course. Working from home with no experience can be extremely hard.

“Without the watchful eye of a supervisor or clear expectations on your time, you are often left feeling aimless and easily distracted,” says Lauren LeMunyan, owner and executive coach at The SpitFire Coach. “Laundry, snacking, and reality television catch your eye and suck your energy if you don’t watch it closely.”

While it’s fine to have a cheat day now and then, it’s not okay to let that build up over time. That’s why having a work schedule — and sticking to it — is crucial.

“Working at home brings business and personal aspects of life together under one roof,” says Ellen Williams, founder of The Data Chick. “As a result, it is easy to get distracted when trying to complete business tasks until you are able to separate business and personal. It takes time to get serious about work at home if you’ve never done it before. Working at home is an exercise in learning about yourself. It’s a mindset, so I don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules for success.”

Follow these 5 tips to stay focused when you’re working from home.
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