How to set up and run backups in WHM – HostGator Tutorial

WHM is like the cPanel that controls all of your cPanels. If you have a VPS, Dedicated Server, or a Reseller account, then you have probably run across WHM a time or two.

In this video, we will show our Dedicated and VPS customers how to set up your backup system with WHM, and how to properly configure it so that it runs as efficiently as possible, without filling up your server with a whole bunch of backups.

In this video you will learn:

00:00 – Intro
00:26 – Backup Options
01:00 – Backup Configuration
02:29 – Backup Scheduling and Retention
03:40 – Selective Backups
05:10 – Backup Storage
05:30 – Save Configuration and Wrap Up

For some additional information on Backup Configuration, and even on restoring from a backup, check out some of these articles from cPanel:

Backup Configuration:
Backup User Selection:
Backup Restoration:
Backup Retention Behavior:

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