How to Select Marketing Channels for Your Agency

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Should you start a TikTok account for your agency? There’s no one answer that fits all! While it could be a NO for Lee, it could be a YES for you!

As an agency, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of social media content you need to produce and post quickly and consistently. Most people give up everyday. So what’s that one thing that can take your agency out of this vicious cycle?

Do you want to work on a few social accounts and still get great engagement? Do you want this process to feel like fun instead of a burden?

In this video, Lee Jackson, will share 4 steps to help you identify your ideal marketing channels. Diving into his experience, he will share how not to spread yourself too thin, and share the right message, at the right places, consistently, with unmatchable ROI for your agency.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

👉 Should all agencies market themselves on the same channel? (0:00-0:23)
👉 A comparison of Lee’s agency before and after they narrowed down the SM platforms (0:24-0:45)
👉 A little about Lee and his initial approach to marketing (0:48-1:36)
👉 What’s Lee’s agency achieving in marketing currently? (1:37-1:58)
👉 4 steps to finding your ideal marketing channel (1:58-5:00)
👉 The benefits of working on narrowed marketing channels (5:01-5:20)
👉 Market where your ideal clients show up (5:21-5:38)
👉 Summary and Conclusion (5:39-6:25)

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