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If you want your site to get found, then SEO is probably at the top of your list when it comes to how you build your site. But did you know that your images play a large role in how your website ranks?

Well, they do! If you take Scott’s tips into account, your site will not only perform better when it comes to SEO, it will load faster as well. What are these magic tips? Follow along to find out.

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Customize the Filename
01:30 – Use Alt Text
02:30 – Add Image Captions
03:00 – Reduce Image File Size
03:57 – Use the Right File Type

Customize the Filename:
Most visitors will never see the filename, but it gives you a way to provide the search engines a little more information about what’s on the page and the best keywords to associate with it.

Use Alt Text:
This is another part of the webpage that most visitors won’t see, but search engine crawlers do. You can provide alt text for every image you add to your website that will show up in place of your image if a browser has trouble loading it or if a visitor uses a screen reader.

Add Image Captions:
Image captions can potentially be one more opportunity to include your target keyword on the page, but don’t force it. Only include a caption if there’s a natural way to do so that won’t take away from the visitor’s experience.

Reduce Image File Size:
Often, the file size of an image is much larger than it needs to be for the size it will show up on your website. Taking a few seconds before you load it to reduce the file size can ensure it won’t slow your website down.

Use the Right File Type:
You’ve probably noticed that there are three main types of image files, but you may not really understand the difference between each. Understanding the different file types can help you choose the best one for your needs.

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