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Website Accessibility is probably a phrase that you have come across if you have been around the website world for a while. If you are just getting started, then this might be news to you.

Website Accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to, websites on the Web by people with physical disabilities, situational disabilities, and socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed.

That sounds like a lot to address by yourself, and you would be right. Lucky for you, there are dozens of tools at your disposal to help make your website accessible to everyone!

Not only is website accessibility a good thing to have in general; but it also helps to boost your SEO, and we all know how important that is.

So stop scrolling and tune in. Let’s make this website work for you!

00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Why Website Accessibility Matters
01:25 – Top 3 Pointers When Getting Started
02:23 – Wrap Up

WordPress Accessibility Handbook:

Accessibility Tips:

Accessible WordPress Themes:
Using an accessibility-ready WordPress theme can help you make sure your site follows best practices for navigation, contrast and other issues.

Plugins to check and improve your WordPress site’s accessibility:
Don’t want to switch themes, or can’t switch just yet? The free WP Accessibility plugin can help you fix some of the most common theme accessibility issues.

More accessibility resources for your website:
Like SEO and cybersecurity, accessibility is a process, not a one-time task. Keep learning, keep improving and you can keep more visitors coming back to your site.

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