How to make the most of A/B testing

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Businessmen rely on intuition when creating a website. However, often their personal biases take over what their customers want. That’s where A/B testing helps.

A/B testing is a marketing experiment wherein you can split your audience and test variations of a website and determine which one performs better.

Want to know more about A/B testing? Watch our video to get a clear picture of what A/B testing is and how to make the most of it.

Things explained in the video:

-What is A/B testing?
-Why is A/B testing important?
-How to make the most of A/B testing?
-How to set up an A/B test?
-Here’s an A/B testing checklist that you must consider:

A/B testing requires careful planning. Therefore, you must create a checklist to conduct A/B tests effectively. Here are some things you must consider when creating an A/B testing checklist.

1) Define Your Objective: Clearly define the goal of your A/B test. Identify the specific metric or outcome you want to improve or measure.

2) Choose a Single Variable: Select one variable (e.g., headline, call-to-action, layout) that you want to test. Being focused allows for better insights and analysis.

3) Determine Sample Size: Calculate the sample size required to achieve significant results. Use an online sample size calculator or consult a statistician if needed.

4) Develop Variations: Create multiple versions (A and B) of your test variable. Ensure that each version is distinct from one another.

5) Implement Tracking: Set up tracking mechanisms to measure the impact of each variation on the desired outcome. Use analytics tools or software to collect data accurately.

6) Draw Conclusions: Determine how you would test the variable for the desired outcome.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:30 What is A/B testing
00:01:03 How to set up an A/B test
00:01:26 Which website elements should be tested
00:02:35 Multi-variate A/B tests
00:02:49 Analyze the results
00:03:00 Consider External factors

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