How To Install WordPress On Vultr – Step by Step Tutorial – Cloudways

In this video, you will learn how to install WordPress on Vultr using Cloudways platform. Vultr provides fast SSD storage for users and probably that’s the reason most love it. But the only catch with Vultr is its technicalities. Not every Joe and Jane can setup a server on Vultr without support. Exactly that is where Cloudways comes in! It provides users with a friendly GUI and point-and-click solution to setup a server within simple steps, letting anyone with or without technical knowledge to setup a website.

Here’s a sneak peek of how to install WordPress on Vultr:
– Setup a Vultr-based server on Cloudways
– Specifying Vultr server settings and select the amount of bandwidth needed
– Add your first app and wait for the server to be created. Once done, install the WordPress app

It all takes around 10 minutes on an average. Once the WordPress app is installed on Vultr platform simply re-route your domain to the hosting server through Cloudways Admin panel.

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