How to Install a Theme in WordPress?

Creating your first website on WordPress is truly an exciting experience; spending time on the WordPress dashboard and customizing your site just as you want. WordPress themes play an important role in making your website match your vision.

This video will help show you how to add a theme in WordPress.

Things explained in the video
-How to add a theme in WordPress
-How to find and install free themes from theme options in WordPress
-How to filter, preview and install a theme

What is the importance of adding a theme to WordPress?

WordPress theme is a great tool that helps you set up and customize your website from the WordPress dashboard without coding knowledge. Besides, themes also help your website establish a unique online presence and make it stand out in the best possible way.

Here are several reasons to add a theme to a WordPress website.

1)Makes your website attractive: A website theme determines the aesthetics of the website, which is essential for creating a visually appealing website that attracts visitors.

2)Branding: With the help of themes, you can establish your brand identity and incorporate brand logos, colors, and other visual elements into the website design.

3)Adds functionality: A theme modifies a website’s functionality by adding specific plugins and design elements that allow users to interact with your website in a particular way.

4)Customizes your website: You can adjust these themes depending on the needs of your website, such as adding custom menus, widgets, or other features.

5)Responsiveness: A theme also makes your website mobile-friendly by optimizing it to fit different mobile sizes. This is important as most people access the internet from their mobile phones.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:42 How to add a theme
00:01:02 How to filter themes
00:01:34 How to preview themes
00:01:48 Installing a theme
00:02:10 Applying the theme
00:03:03 Installing the theme
00:03:41 Theme options

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