How to Improve Your Agency’s Customer Experience

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As an agency, how can you strive to deliver the best experience possible to your clients?

This process usually starts with a brief, followed by communications, and then onboarding. In order to deliver the best possible experience to your clients, you need to show how the project can make life easier for your clients’ customers, right from the start.


So your clients understand that you have their best interest in mind! You also need to ensure your team is on the same page when it comes to a client’s project, which comes from setting clear communication standards.

In this video, Jan Koch, CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery, unravels the secrets of elevating the experience of your agency’s clients with a straightforward three-step process that can transform your agency into one that your clients deliberately choose over and over again.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

What is customer experience? (00:00-1:35)
How you can deliver the best customer experience at your agency? (1:35-)
The brief (1:35-2:30)
Setting clear communication standards (2:30-4:15)
Onboarding (4:15-6:20)
What do you do to elevate your client’s customer experience + coupon code (6:20-7:15)

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