How to Host Magento on Vultr – Step by Step Tutorial for Managed Cloud Hosting

Learn how to install Magento on Vultr server simple and fast.
Get your Magento Ecommerce platform on Vultr – One of the fastest Cloud Hosting Platforms – and grow your business like never before.
We have made a short video explaining the installation process for Magento hosting on Vultr Servers using Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.
The video is for anyone who wants to set up Magento on Vultr for their ecommerce business.
The Magento installation process on Vultr goes like this:
Sign up for Cloudways account
Choose a Vultr hosting service
Choose server specifications to install Magento platform on Vultr
It takes a few minutes to set up the Magento platform on Vultr server. Once done, you will be ready to launch your online business.
Want a detailed tutorial to understand it better? Perhaps our guided process for installing Magento on Vultr will help:
Why Choose Vultr for Magento Hosting?
Vultr is a super-fast cloud hosting platform that lets its users run their web and mobile apps in the lowest possible price and time. Vultr self-claims to be four times faster than any other cloud hosting in the world.

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