How to Host Magento on Digital Ocean – Easy Step by Step Installation Tutorial

Learn how to install Magento on Digital Ocean server in a simple to understand way.
Not sure how to set up your Magento-based ecommerce store on Digital Ocean? This easy-to-read tutorial is made with you in mind. The video includes installation process for Magento hosting on Digital Ocean Servers using Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.
We have made the video for web administrators who want to install Magento on Digital Ocean for their ecommerce businesses.
This is how the Magento installation process on Digital Ocean goes…
Sign up for Cloudways account
Choose a Digital Ocean hosting service
Choose server specifications to install Magento platform on Digital Ocean
Usually, it takes around a few minutes to set up the whole server on Digital Ocean. Once done, you will be ready to launch your online store.
Can’t understand the video of Magento on Digital Ocean? Perhaps our guided tutorial will help:
Why Choose Digital Ocean for Magento?
Digital Ocean offers one of the lowest rates for hosting your data. It has servers in multiple cities of the world. These are just two of the major benefits of this hosting cloud that makes it stand out of the clutter of cloud hosting services.
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