How to Host Laravel on Linode – Step by Step Tutorial

We have made it easy for you to install Laravel on Linode server. You will learn how to deploy Laravel framework on Linode using Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform.

Laravel is a framework of PHP programming language and is used for deploying lightweight and powerful apps. It is one of the best framework for developing a website, first because of its flexibility, and second because of the numerous resources available.

Laravel is slowly becoming a reputable framework in the development community. We have also written extensively on how a Laravel based framework is great for hosting your website.

Installing Laravel framework on Linode
Hosting Laravel is a simple process, you just have to make an account on Cloudways for managed cloud hosting and we have documented the whole process about it.
Laravel is made for artisans who want to launch their websites instantly, without worrying about technicalities.

Read the whole process of deploying a Laravel website on Linode here:

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