How to Have a Sales Mindset That Can Earn You Million Dollars In Your Agency

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Unable to get more cashflows to your business? There may be a need to reassess your mindset toward the business.

You’ll need the million-dollar mindset first to have a million dollar in your pocket!

If you work with the ‘I need to get this project because’ mindset, you’ll have a problem with growth. Because you’ll be fixated on solving your problems rather than that of the clients.

In this video, Jan Koch talks about how shifting your mindset from serving your agency to serving your clients can help you grow.

From setting aside time to analyze failure to reassessing your negative self-talk, you’ll find five points in the video that’ll be super beneficial for you to make the mindset shift!

Eventually, you’ll get the ‘Million Dollar Mindset’ even if you’ve got $1000 in your bank.


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📖 What You’ll Learn:

1. Introduction 0:00 – 1:14
2. The sales mindset 1:15 – 4:52
3. Step-by-step process to build a million-dollar mindset 4:53 – 9:22
4. Conclusion 9:23 – 10:02

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