How To Generate Content Like Elon Musk

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Using Jasper.AI to create content can make you feel like Elon Musk.

It helps you create top-notch content with consistency; something that’s a constant worry for many agencies.

A lot of people are reluctant to work with AI and believe it’ll make the human brain redundant. It won’t!

Human input is still crucial for thinking and devising content strategies that set the right foundation for content creation.

In this video, Jan Koch shows you how leveraging, an AI content creation tool formerly known as, can assist you in producing top-quality:

✅ Blog posts
✅ Social media copy and headlines
✅ Podcast scripts
✅ Emails
✅ Content strategy

He also walks you through the process of creating a blog using this tool.

Jan highly recommends it to anyone struggling with content ideas and hates staring at the white screens and a blinking cursor.

He believes that embracing AI is the only way to future-proof your agency.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

Introduction and Jan Koch’s explanation on how AI can benefit content creation (0:00 – 1:01)
What content Jan Koch produces using AI and how it solves issues of inconsistency (1:02-1:51)
Introduction to and how it’s a great marketing tool for agencies (1:52-2:36)
A demo of how to get ideas and create content using Jasper (2:37-8:58)
How to refine AI content to make it fit your purpose (8:59-9:18)
Who should try Jasper? (9:19-9:47)
Conclusion (9:48-10:45)

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