How to Explain CRO to Your Clients

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As agencies, how do you explain conversion rate optimization (CRO) to your clients? Why is it so necessary in today’s business landscape? It’s simple, explaining CRO to your clients can set your agency apart from the competition. This is because with so many acronyms out there like CRO, SEO, PPC, and more, your customers will likely be confused or even scared.

In this video, Jan Koch, CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery, unravels the secrets of explaining CRO in a way that your lead and your prospect can understand. This way, they know that you care about their success.

It should tell them how you build or optimize a website – by caring for the needs and wants of the client. Diving into his experience, Jan breaks down the 5 steps he follows to explain CRO to clients in a way that wins him more business and more projects.

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📖 What You’ll Learn:

Why do you need to explain CRO to your clients? (0:00-2:55)
What happens when you don’t know how to explain CRO? (2:55-5:00)
What happens when you explain CRO to your clients? (5:00-7:55)
How does Jan Koch explain CRO to clients? (7:55-11:37)

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