How to Edit Footer in WordPress

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Things explained in the video:

-What is a footer in a website?
-How to add and edit a footer in WordPress
-Different methods to edit footer

Here are some ways you can optimize the footer on your website:

1) SEO: Using relevant and keyword-rich anchor text in the footer links can contribute to SEO efforts. It also helps in internal linking. Including internal links in the footer can improve the overall structure of the site and enhance SEO.

2) Trust and Credibility: Copyright Information and company name can be displayed in the footer. This adds a sense of legitimacy and shows that the website is regularly updated.

3) User Engagement: Including social media icons or links in the footer encourages users to connect with your brand on various platforms. If you have a newsletter, placing a signup form in the footer can capture leads and keep users engaged.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:27 What’s a Footer?
00:01:39 Using WordPress theme customizer
00:02:30 Editing the footer using widgets
00:03:37 Using Bluehost WonderBlocks
00:04:32 Using HTML code or scripts
00:05:42 Using a footer plugin

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