How to Communicate With Your Customers During a Crisis

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The internet provides you with different opportunities to speak with your customers directly. But customers won’t come to your website if you are untraceable online. Therefore, to open a direct communication channel with your customers, you need to build a high-performing website that brings you one step closer to your users.

If you are still confused about how to communicate with your customers, watch our video and learn how a website’s homepage can be a good communication medium.

Things explained in this video:
-How to communicate with customers during a crisis?
-Staying silent during a crisis
-Best practices for promoting services
-What should you be communicating on the homepage of your website

Here’s why its important to communicate with your users:

1) Building positive relationships: Communication allows you to connect and engage with your audience, fostering stronger relationships. By effectively communicating with users, you can establish trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

2) Understanding needs and expectations: Through communication, you can gather valuable insights about your users’ needs, expectations, and preferences. By actively listening and engaging in dialogue, you can better understand their requirements and tailor your products, services, or content accordingly.

3) Resolving issues and conflicts: Effective communication helps address problems, conflicts, or misunderstandings that may arise between you and your audience. By promoting open and transparent communication channels, you can resolve issues promptly and maintain a positive rapport with your users.

4) Providing information with clarity: Communication allows you to deliver information, instructions, updates, or announcements to your users clearly. Concise communication ensures that your audience understands your message and can act upon it appropriately. It helps avoid confusion, misinformation, or misinterpretation.

5) Enhancing user experience: When you communicate effectively with your audience, you contribute to a better user experience. By providing timely responses, addressing inquiries, and actively seeking feedback, you demonstrate your commitment to meeting their needs and creating a positive interaction.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:25 How Sheridan got started in CLM
00:02:23 Guidelines for communicating with customers
00:03:56 Thoughts on staying silent
00:05:39 Best practices for promoting services
00:06:53 Ways that can impact the community
00:08:51 Make communications relevant to the customer base
00:11:48 How does my business relate
00:13:08 What if I give away my secrets
00:14:54 Do’s and Don’ts
00:17:42 Follow your gut
00:18:18 What should I be communicating on my website
00:20:08 Content is king
00:21:15 What should I put on my homepage

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